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Auto-updater manager

This is a dev tool for building an auto-updating program. Such features exist in the SAIGO launcher, as well as the Hero Blast launcher. Those operate in the same way, where they scan the data directory, going over each file. It computes their MD5 hash, after downloading the update_check.dat file. The update_check.dat file contains the output of the textbox in the above picture; the file name and it's hash, separated by characters so we can split that string later.
The dev first needs to set their input directory, either via the textbox, or with the BROWSE button. Then do the same for the output directory. Don't have both of them be the same. Then set a project name, and hit Load. The list will be populated with all the files and directories within the input directory. A checkmark is on the left side. A blank box means the file won't be included in the *.zip file, nor the *_check.dat file. Pressing Generate will load the filename-hash combo to the textbox, this is done automatically with the Build button. The clipboard button is also unnecessary, as the *_check.dat is created with the Build button as well. The Build button, takes all of the checked items, and compresses them into a *.zip archive, where * is your project name. It also makes the *_check.dat file. Note this may take some time if your directory is large enough, also it copies files recursively. By default, the load function will only go through if there are fewer than 500 files, to save you from accidentally loading your entire C drive or something. Lastly, there's a log at the bottom, for those who like clicking the wrong buttons.