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News and Announcements

Regarding SWBF2 Hack

For those of you who check this site wondering where the multihack for swbf2 is, I'll fill you in some. I've been busy with school and such lately, but the hack is now completely internal. Uses a dx11 hook for drawing. Along with it being internal, comes a ton of crashes and kinks to work out. I'm working on it, trust me.
Currently all of the player/enemy esp features are added back. There is a bug with the health bars. No menu or user configurable settings exist as of yet; I should just have to transfer the class, then fix the directory settings. The menu itself was originally to be written in C# using GTK#. After ILMerging the finished menu, its not that bad, but I may remake it as a WPF or winform, as I did in the other hack. Reason is its just not practical to write the menu on linux, then transfer it here to windows. I am also having a hard time getting RegHookEx to work internally, it isn't very thread safe.

Site Migration

You're on a development site! I'm in the process of migrating my server from Arizona to the Deutschland where servers are cheap and LetsEncrypt reigns. If you came here on accident, make your way to the production site at Welcome to the new site! It's been fully migrated now. Key difference is the fact that SSL is now present, and I have root access to the server. GoDaddy sucks, so this is new place! Let me know if you encounter any bugs.

You may email me at if you wish to get in contact with me.

Star Wars Battlefront II Hacks (2017)

Auto-Updating ESP

ESP written in C++, uses direct2d. Features vsync, and generates 300+ frames per second; Uses signature scanning, so it should be handle most updates for the game without requiring a redownload. Includes a DLL to inject that hooks screenshots, and hides the overlay accordingly. The hook should be undetected, and doesn't halt any threads. I have linked an injector below you can use for the hooker.

Download Hack

Download Injector

Chat Memes Battlefront 2

Same thing as in SWBF1, this time for the beta.
All of these SWBF2 Hacks are for the beta, so the binaries will be outdated of course.

Download Hack on UC

Star Wars Battlefront II Mods (2017)

Arcade Map Selector

Since the game currently doesn't have all arcade maps unlocked (due to AI paths and other glitches), Parafax and myself went ahead and made a tool that puts them back in.



Dynamic FPS Optimizer

Attempts to change the resolution scale on the fly, so you keep your 60 fps, with the game looking as good as possible at the same time.


Thread on UC

Beta FOV Changer

For whatever reason, the beta lacked the ability to change your FOV. This adds it back, in this little external window.


Star Wars Battlefront 1 Hacks (2015)

Coltonon Hack

This hack has been my biggest project for the last year, I've learned game hacking on it. My goal with the Coltonon Hack has been to create a free hack with more features than all the Payhacks out there. Current version 8.2

Download Hack on UC

Chat Memes

Small project, with the sole purpose of troling involved.
It still works, but my main hack includes it as of 8.1, so no point in downloading it seperately.

Download Hack on UC

Star Wars Battlefront Mods
Hero Blast
Dangercat and myself have worked hard to bring back a long wanted gamemode to SWBF. Since the code already exists for this mode, only the host needs the mod, anybody can join their game with an invite.

Since only the host requires the mod, we have created a server browser of sorts. At the link below, there are a list of Hero Blast hosts. Simply find someone at the top of the list, look at the time (updated once per minute), and click the link next to their name. This will bring you to, and look up their name for you. You must be signed into origin in your web browser for this to work. From there, you can add them as a friend, and ask them to send you an invite.

View Host List

Battlefield 1 Hacks

Glow Hack

That video was from me prototyping it, now it looks nice and shit, with a GUI to control colors.
Download Hack on UC


Traffic Map