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News and Announcements

### Site Migration (again)

This server is no longer located in the Deutschland, but has moved to San Francisco. Less downtime compared to the last migration, and the SSL cert should be valid once again.

### Cheat Development

I'm moving a bit more into the background now when it comes to cheat development. I'm no longer developing public cheats (nor am I going to write paid cheats, only ones for myself), but instead working to help other developers. Not necessarily for SWBF2, as I'd prefer less cheaters in that if I can help it. I'll be focusing on things like efficiency and proper technique, not things like overpowered features.


Auto-Parsed from [Github](

For those who don't want to compile it, here you go : [releases](


Does that^

I removed the classes for weapons, vehicles, sig scanning,
and the RegHookEx stuff for aimbots. I intentionally left the
aimbot math (all of it), and have clear documentation on how
to use RegHookEx externally to write viewangles.

Uses some no-thrills menu class I wrote, feel free to make it

Don't sell it pls.

Reads complete class sizes, and even uses vsync so the overlay
doesn't eat all of your cpu. Regarding speeds, this is about as
smooth and fast as an external gets.

As for screenshots, it doesn't do anything to mitigate them. You
can use my screenshot hooker I released on UC, I'll add a repo for
it here as well. The class name on the overlay is set and ready
to be used with it.

Hero Blast

This mod for SWBF 2015 enabled the "Hero Blast" gamemode. With the Hero
Blast mod, you could host a private match, and any of your friends could
join you, **without needed the mod themselves**. This brought Dangercat
and I to create a server to host a database of all Hero Blast hosts.

## How to play Hero Blast

You can either download the mod tool yourself, then host a match.
Alternatively, you can simply view the current list of hosts.
Just click the button next to their name to view their account in Origin.
Add them as a friend, and ask them to invite you to their game. No modding
required on your end.

### [View Hosts](

### Using the Mod Files

If you wish to host, using the mod files is easier than ever.
The launcher uses an auto-updater, so your mod files are always up to date.
Simply start the executable, and it'll do the initial configuration.
With the game not running, click the start button. It'll prompt you
to select the game's exe file, do so. The mod is only active when you launch
the game through the manager.


Keep the Hero Blast launcher running with the game. This sends your username
to the server browser, allowing others to play.

BF1 Glowhack

This video was with me testing using reclass. Currently the menu looks like:




### Outdated

BF1 has updated, and the new anti-reverse engineering functionality has
deprecated the current approach of doing this.

### [Thread on UC](


Traffic Map


Need to contact me for whatever reason? You can reach me via Email or Discord.



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