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News and Announcements
**Regarding SWBF2 Hack**


I've updated and uploaded the hack, you can download it on UC.
Its completely internal now, and the menu double's as an injector.
The menu also gives you live feedback on approximately how dangerous (regarding a ban)
your current settings are.

###Site Migration and Improvements

I've put more finishing touches into the authentication system of this site (what the Google OAuth button is for),
and revised a few site's authentication level. There are some new admin tools, which you'll never see.


There are now some new tools I've curated towards this site; it now supports Markdown language parsing,
meaning I can easily write content to the site.
Syntax highlighting is now a thing, and I've hooked up the markdown reader to integrate
with github readme's/projects.

Star Wars Battlefront II Internal Hack

Internal multihack for SWBF2. Uses minhook to hook DirectX11 and BitBlt, and drawn it's own content on top of it.

Includes an external menu, which also functions as the injector.

![Main menu](

### Features
* Team/Enemy Boxes
* Team/Enemy Snap lines
* Team/Enemy Health bars
* Team/Enemy Names
* Team/Enemy Distance
* Team/Enemy Color Selection
* Damage Multiplier
* Rate Of Fire Selector
* Bullet Speed Selector
* No Recoil
* No Spread
* No Overheat
* Aimbot
* Aimbot Bone Selection
* Aimbot Targeting FOV Selection
* Screenshot Protector

## Setup/Install
You must have dx11 selected as the renderer (in settings).
Then just double-click the .exe file, and click Inject.

### How to Not Get Banned
The progress bar on the bottom is a visual representation of your current risk of getting banned.
Keep it in the green and you should be plenty safe. If you're in the red, you're heavily risking a ban.

## [Thread On UC](

## **File Removed**

**Note**: I removed the file from UC for now. Reason is that the game is getting updated in half a day,
no need for people to redownload. I'll be uploading that again on UC as soon as I can/have updated it.

For those who can't wait 4 hours, you can temporarily get it [here]( I'm
removing that link once I upload the new version to UC.


Auto-Parsed from [Github](

### Depricated
Note: they updated the game to the point that this is no longer needed. You can now select any blast map for arcade.

# Arcade Blast Selector
Mod for star wars battlefront 2 (2017), that allows you to play the other blast maps in single player.
Replaces Mos Eisley with whatever map you have selected in the box.

Just double click the program, select the map, click the button, then go and play Mos Eisley's map.

Not in game ATM that you can play with this mod:
* Jakku
* Kashyyyk
* Death Star
* Endor
* Hoth

Beta FOV Changer

Note: this is for the beta, and isn't necessary/usable now.
You can decompile if you wish, but its deprecated by the in-game function.



Coltonon Hack

Hack for SWBF 2015.

Biggest multihack I've ever written. Has a shitload of features,
and became so widespread, the game became unplayable.

![weapon tab](


Featured a plethora of weapon modifications, including projectile swapping.
During versions 8.1 and 8.2, my development shifted to single player,
since online games became hard to find. You can now change the speed of
the game, your sprint speed, have infinite health, and use unlimited flying
jetpacks (think boba fett's on steroids).

Had two different cham methods, motion sensor flags, and even
bomb/grendade ESP. **It killed the game.**

### [Download](

Hero Blast

This mod for SWBF 2015 enabled the "Hero Blast" gamemode. With the Hero
Blast mod, you could host a private match, and any of your friends could
join you, **without needed the mod themselves**. This brought Dangercat
and I to create a server to host a database of all Hero Blast hosts.

## How to play Hero Blast

You can either download the mod tool yourself, then host a match.
Alternatively, you can simply view the current list of hosts.
Just click the button next to their name to view their account in Origin.
Add them as a friend, and ask them to invite you to their game. No modding
required on your end.

### [View Hosts](

### Using the Mod Files

If you wish to host, using the mod files is easier than ever.
The launcher uses an auto-updater, so your mod files are always up to date.
Simply start the executable, and it'll do the initial configuration.
With the game not running, click the start button. It'll prompt you
to select the game's exe file, do so. The mod is only active when you launch
the game through the manager.


Keep the Hero Blast launcher running with the game. This sends your username
to the server browser, allowing others to play.

BF1 Glowhack

This video was with me testing using reclass. Currently the menu looks like:




### Outdated

BF1 has updated, and the new anti-reverse engineering functionality has
deprecated the current approach of doing this.

### [Thread on UC](


Traffic Map